Beam System Tool In Revit Architecture 2012   Leave a comment

A short video description showing how to implement the Beam System tool using the proper template.

The first video is dealing with the creation of the family that is being inserted later in the beam system.

The family “IPE – 200” itself can be downloaded from the “Family Downloads”  menu on your left-hand site.


Revit Architecture 2012 Certification   Leave a comment

Couple of weeks ago i took the two available certifications for Revit Architecture 2012.

The first one is Associate. Pretty much all of the questions stated in this exam were theory-related. You do not have anything to do with Revit modeling.

The second one – Professional – was easier for me. Although i had to take it twice. The reason ? Well, right in the beginning of the test you are given some directions and instructions on how to pass the test. After the first trial i was confident that i would get through the minimal passing level. Instead i was way bellow the passing level. The reason was that there were many questions that involved copying numeric results from Revit into the questionnaire. It sounds easy but somewhere in the instructions, i mentioned before, there was a text description stating that when needed numerical values must be copied to the last digit after the decimal mark shown in Revit. So all answers from this type i provided were wrong due to this “minor” fact.

I was mislead by the practices of not taking into consideration the after-the-decimal-mark digits. I never thought such a small numerical value would cast such a big impact.

After re-taking the Professional certificate right away after the first trial and inserting all digits i can possibly see i had 95 per cent score. So during the first professional certificate i was short on couple of digits after the decimal sign. It may sound ridiculous but every digit counts here : )

Whoever interested can check my certificates here: and click on either “Autodesks Center Search” bellow  “Take an Autodesk Certification Exam” for Associate Certificate or click on “Certified Professionals Search” bellow “Autodesk Certified Professionals Search” and insert my name, city, country and the type of the certificate you are looking for.

Here bellow are the professional and associate certificates i managed to get.

Element Keynote Setup   Leave a comment

A video showing how to setup a keynote text file and use it in your project when labeling your building components.

Truss Creation   1 comment


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Simple Window Family   Leave a comment

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Revit Central File Set-Up   Leave a comment

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Parametric Family (Object) – Cube   Leave a comment

A simple parametric cube.

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