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Here in this section you can take a look and read more about some of my colleagues at UCN.

Nathan A. Suslow (6th semester- internship) – www.linkedin.com/pub/nathan-suslow/4b/778/673

Ivo Slavov (6th semester- internship) – dk.linkedin.com/pub/ivo-slavov/2a/b65/999

Ana Hristova (7th semester)- dk.linkedin.com/pub/ana-hristova/3a/90/b6

Brian Simonsen Fogh (6th semester – internship) – dk.linkedin.com/pub/brian-simonsen-fogh/4b/48a/100

Gergana Todorova (graduated) – dk.linkedin.com/pub/gergana-todorova/24/b51/3a9

Mikael Markvardsen (6th semester – internship) – dk.linkedin.com/pub/mikael-markvardsen/1a/687/8b

Nis Christensen – dk.linkedin.com/pub/nis-boile-christensen/25/376/830

Deividas Zaremba (7th semester ) – lt.linkedin.com/pub/deividas-zaremba/32/14b/63

Dragos Todoran (5th semester)- http://www.dragostodoran.com/#!home/mainPage

Eli Petrova (5th semester)- http://elimpetrova.wix.com/portfolio#!home/mainPage

And some more to be added….


Posted 26/09/2012 by reviter

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