Linking Information To An Element In Revit   1 comment

When you deal with a lot of information and you have created tons of documents like pdf, excel, word files and so on you forget, from time to time,  the location of a file – “now, where in the world have i placed this document”. Browsing for hours might help, maybe it will not. Depends on your nerves….

Another way to easily and fast access a specific file that is relevant to your model elements is to simply link them to each other…. Creating an URL Project Parameter gives you the ability to “connect” a file to a construction element in Revit. Then, when needed, simply select the revit element in question, go to its type/instance (depending on how you created the Pr. Parameter) properties and click on the links you made, this will open the file with the relevant software/program.

If you have any questions simply use the comment box. The comment will not appear immediately because  i need to approve it (i have to watch out for spam which runs wild in the web…..), so simply wait for a while – hours to a day.



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  1. if you already link those informations into ur revit elements or families then you transfer it with another computer or burn to cd, is there any option on how to transfer this file without losing the link, because on my experience Ive already put all the link then when I burn it in cd and save in my laptop those linkages was gone I need to reload the path agai.n.thanks

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